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普通 APP_Domino Mail 缓存项的数量Amount of cached entries
通过集群进行复制的平均队列大小数据库Average queue size databases for replication via clustering
发送的邮件的平均大小Average size of mail messages delivered
平均邮件递送时间Average time for mail delivery
全文索引的平均时间(毫秒)Average time in milliseconds of research in FullText Index
数据库期望通过集群进行复制的平均时间Average time in seconds that the databases have expected for replication via clustering
缓存命中率Cache hits
实际发送的邮件数目Count of actual mail items delivered
通过集群进行复制的队列数据库的当前大小Current size of queue databases for replication via clustering
服务器上的失败消息Dead messages on the server
集群复制添加文档Documents added via cluster replication
集群复制排除文档Excluded documents via cluster replication
失败集群复制Failures cluster replication
剩余内存Free memory
索引服务器可用性Index server availability
查找所使用的缓存Lookups made ​​with cache
最大发送的邮件大小Maximum size of mail delivered
最长发送邮件的时间Maximum time for mail delivery
最小发送的邮件大小Minimum size of mail delivered
最短发送邮件的时间Minimum time for mail delivery
Notes服务器的邮件域Notes server's mail domain
POP3服务接收的字节数Number of bytes received by POP3 server
SMTP服务接收的字节数Number of bytes received by SMTP server
POP3服务发送的字节数Number of bytes sent by POP3 server
SMTP服务发送的字节数Number of bytes sent by SMTP server
消息队列中等待的邮件消息的数量Number of mail messages in message queue on hold
路由器无法传送的邮件数目Number of mail messages the router was unable to transfer
等待路由的邮件消息数Number of mail messages waiting to be routed
路由器试图传输的消息数Number of messages router attempted to transfer
路由器接收到的报文数目Number of messges received by router
当前正在执行的Notes服务器任务的数量Number of Notes server tasks currently executing
等待本地发送的未决消息的数量Number of pending messages awaiting local delivery
服务器丢弃的会话数Number of sessions discarded by the server
缓存中的一个条目由于太拥挤而无法进入的次数Number of times that an entry in the cache could not enter because it was crowded
每分钟的事务数Number of transactions per minute
当前连接的用户数量Number of users currently connected
Notes服务器的版本Release of the Notes server
复制失败Replication failures
会话接收电子邮件通过SMTP繁忙Sessions to receive email via SMTP busy
会话接收电子邮件通过SMTP打开Sessions to receive email via SMTP open
SMTP消息处理SMTP messages processed
成功的复制Successful replications
最后一个队列等待通过集群进行复制的时间Time in seconds that the last queue waited for replication via clustering
总分配的内存Total allocated memory
总邮件传输Total mail transferred
自服务器启动以来路由的邮件消息总数Total number of mail messages routed since the server started
自服务器启动以来的路由失败总数Total number of routing failures since the server started
交易总数Total number of transactions
总等待消息Total pending messages
总物理内存Total physical memory
服务器处理的请求总数Total requests processed by the server
通过集群复制更新文档Updated documents via cluster replication


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